The V Centre Veteran Empowerment program

Combining a safe place to live with personalised wraparound support.

The V Centre is a unique initiative in Australia providing transitional accommodation for up to 12 months combined with a tailored support program to enable you to address challenges and set you up for an independent life you value.

V Centre participants may be homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, or in need of some support to overcome issues and live independently. The transition to civilian life is not easy for some: veterans may experience a loss of identity and camaraderie, or changes that can lead to mental health challenges, financial difficulties or relationship issues. For some, this leads to a downwards spiral with one issue compounding another.

The V Centre is a veteran-specific service that provides transitional accommodation and wraparound support to get you back on your feet. Strongly supported by ex-service organisations (ESOs) and veterans with lived experience of homelessness, the Program empowers you to live your life with independence - a life you value.

How the V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program works

  • Accommodation
  • Goals & Program
  • Connection
  • Wellbeing
  • Life skills
  • Family Support

A safe place to call home

The V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program provides safe and secure veteran-specific transitional accommodation for the duration of the Program.

The Program is for veterans who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or stuck in a cycle of hospital/rehab care and need more than just a roof over their head.

Veterans must demonstrate a commitment to positive personal change.


An Individually Tailored Support Program

Every participant will have different needs.

Our staff will help you develop your personal goals for your time at the V Centre.

They will support you each day and connect you to our partner organisations to help you realise those goals.


Connection and engagement

The Program will support participants to build or rebuild relationships and networks to maintain ongoing support and encouragement.

Those who have completed the Program may choose to return in future as peer supports for other participants.

Improved health and wellbeing

The Program supports participants to build a healthy routine.

This will be through physical activity, good nutrition, mental health care and social interaction.

Understanding your personal strengths will help you find your new purpose and empower you to live a live you value.

Expanding life skills

From cooking to computer skills…

job-hunting to financial skills…

upskilling for employment opportunities…

getting work experience….

…the Program will help you ‘fill in the missing pieces’ so you have fully-rounded life skills to take with you.

Supporting you and your family

Many of the younger V Centre participants will have partners and children – maintaining these relationships is a vital part of the Program.

To enable participants to see them from time to time, we have a brand new apartment at Vasey RSL Care Ivanhoe – Samma Place, where they can visit for a few days at minimal cost.

The apartments is 100m from The V Centre and is fitted out with a double bedroom and fold-out beds for up to four children.




James Mepham

Veteran and veteran support worker


“A veteran centre would be incredible. Focused support for veterans to begin their recovery journey would literally be a lifeline. To be supported in a meaningful way, to take those steps in recovery, to start building your future would allow people to put down that pack of loss they’ve been carrying around and discover hope.”


Chris Gray

Executive General Manager Veteran Services,
Vasey RSL Care


“As a veteran myself, I know the camaraderie of serving with others – this can leave a big gap in some veterans’ lives, a gap which sometimes leads in a downward spiral. That’s where The V Centre comes in.”


Mike O’Meara OAM

Board Chair, Vasey RSL Care


“Veteran homelessness should be an issue that makes us all uncomfortable. I’m proud that Vasey RSL Care is in a position to do something about it and pleased to see it become a reality.”

Help us to continue improving the support we offer

The V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program is a new initiative opening in February 2024. We are seeking financial support to help us make sure this Program is able to support veterans until we can build alternative income streams. All support is gratefully received - no matter how big or small the amount. It will all go to helping veterans get back on track in their lives. Please make a donation today.

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