CEO Janna Voloshin is appreciative of what Australia offers

What a beautiful country we live in. How fortunate we are!

* 25 January 2023 * 

Message from our CEO

Janna taking in beautiful Tasmania

Janna taking in beautiful Tasmania

In today’s world we have the opportunity to travel overseas, visit family and friends and see new sights and places: and every time we return from our travels, back to our remote island continent, we realise how beautiful it is and how exceptionally fortunate we are.

The natural beauty of our 34,000km coastline, unspoilt national parks and wide-open skies; the beauty and strength of our diverse multicultural people, from our indigenous peoples here for over 60,000 years, to our newest residents, so many of them continuing escape here from the horrors of their native countries. And coming to our glorious land.

All those who have gone before us have contributed to today’s Australia – it isn’t perfect, but we have much to be grateful for: our ‘no worries’ attitude, mateship and support, our sense of humour, and making the best of things. No matter what is thrown at us, we don’t let it keep us down – floods, fires, viruses – the Ozzie spirit shines through.

And I believe that the Australian people have demonstrated more than any other nation the value we put on human life. During the pandemic – and whether we agree with all the COVID measures or not – one thing is certain: we saved lives. The vast majority of Australians, no matter their age, gender, cultural background or social position, did what they had to do, and tens of thousands of lives were saved.

To me, one of the most important features of our nation is individual freedom. Our democracy ensures we have the right to stand up for what we believe in and talk openly, without fear of reprisal: an amazing feeling to have for those like me who have experienced a very different way of life.

At Vasey RSL Care, we are proud to ‘Serve Those Who Served’ – to care for and assist those men and women who have put their country first and stood up to protect our nation, our way of life and our precious freedom. Their service and sacrifice are immeasurable. In return, all we can offer is our gratitude.  

We can demonstrate our gratitude through respect and support for our defence forces and veterans, through upholding the values that make us who we are as a nation, and through looking after this beautiful land.

We can each do our bit to maintain this valuable legacy for the generations that follow.

Janna Voloshin, Chief Executive Officer