Veteran homelessness is a major issue

Vasey RSL Care Seeks Funding from Government to Support the New V Centre – addressing Veteran Homelessness and its Causes

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*  7 February 2023 *

Vasey RSL Care has been working towards opening ‘The V Centre’ – an innovative program combining a place to live with ‘wraparound’ support services for veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Vasey RSL Care has recently lodged a pre-budget submission with the Federal Government to support the operation of the V Centre for its first three years.   

Over 300 veterans who leave the Australian Defence Force each year experience homelessness – 280% higher than the general population (AHURI 2019).

Although most veterans find stability and support beyond their time in service, there is a group whose acute needs are not being met. 

The home of the new V Centre in Ivanhoe.

The home of the new V Centre in Ivanhoe.

“Over the past 2 years, we have continued to work in consultation with ex-service organisations and health and community service organisations to develop the service and support model for The V Centre,” says Vasey RSL Care CEO, Janna Voloshin.

“Australia’s veterans have been there for us, whether they’ve served overseas or at home. So if they need our support, we have a responsibility to them,” adds Janna. “As an organisation providing accommodation and support services that prioritise veterans and war widows, Vasey RSL Care is well placed to provide this.”

There are something like 6,000 veterans leaving the Australian Defence Force (ADF) each year, and while the majority transition to civilian life and find employment using their skills and expertise, on average, around 5% do not manage a successful transition.  

“It can be a slippery slope downwards,” says Chris Gray, Executive General Manager, Vasey RSL Care. “If the veteran can’t get work, it can lead to financial difficulties; this can affect the household and result in relationship problems. If the family breaks up, the veteran can find themselves staying on a mate’s couch or even sleeping in their car. Ultimately, this situation can  bring out latent mental health issues, or lead to problem drinking, gambling and so on. 

The V Centre will empower the veteran through veteran-specific support services provided in a veteran-focused environment.

The V Centre will empower the veteran through veteran-specific support services provided in a veteran-focused environment.

“What the V Centre will do is to stop that downward slope and ‘re-able’ the veteran. The program will empower the veteran through veteran-specific support services provided in a veteran-focused environment.” 

“We would like to work in partnership with the Australian Government to help veterans,” says Janna. “We are seeking funding of $12.7 million dollars over three years to manage and operate this industry-first innovative solution.”


Read The V Centre Pre-Budget Submission

Please Take Action to Support Our Submission!

Send an email to your local MP and ask them to support the new V Centre funding submission.

  1. Find your Federal Member from the list below – click their name to open an email. (Click here to find your electorate.)
  2. Copy and paste this text into your email (and make any changes you’d like to make)


 Vasey RSL Care – 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission for:

 The V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program


Dear Member

As a constituent of yours, I write to express my support for funding of The V Centre, an initiative of Vasey RSL Care, a not-for-profit organisation with a proud tradition of supporting veterans and war widows going back over 100 years.

Now, our veterans need your support.

I understand that Vasey RSL Care has lodged a Pre-Budget Submission to the Federal Government to support the transition and welfare of our veterans. Essentially, a partnership and co-funding arrangement with the Federal Government to manage and operate the V Centre – an industry-first purpose-designed facility located close to Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital that will provide individualised housing and support services for veterans at a point of crisis and homelessness.

I am very concerned with the increasing incidence of despair and homelessness being experienced by our veterans – they deserve better, and I fully support this unique and timely initiative.

I urge you to support this Submission to the Federal Government for the benefit of the most vulnerable veterans who really need this program.

Yours sincerely



3. Add a subject to your email (eg ‘Please support the V Centre funding submission’)

4. DON’T FORGET to include your name and address at the bottom of your email (without this, your support will be disregarded) 


Federal Members Email Addresses

 Electorate  Member (click name to open email)
 Aston Alan Tudge MP
 Ballarat Catherine King MP
 Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP
 Bruce Julian Hill MP
 Calwell Maria Vamvakinou MP
 Casey Aaron Violi MP
 Chisholm Carina Garland MP
 Cooper Ged Kearney MP
 Corangamite Libby Coker MP
 Corio Richard Marles MP
 Deakin Michael Sukkar MP
 Dunkley Peta Murphy MP
 Flinders Zoe McKenzie MP
 Fraser Daniel Mulino MP
 Gellibrand Tim Watts MP
 Gippsland Darren Chester MP
 Goldstein Zoe Daniel MP
 Gorton Brendan O’Connor MP
 Hawke Sam Rae MP
 Higgins Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP
 Holt Cassandra Fernando MP
 Hotham Clare O’Neil MP
 Indi Helen Haines MP
 Isaacs Mark Dreyfus MP
 Jagajaga Kate Thwaites MP 
 Kooyong Monique Ryan MP
 La Trobe Jason Wood MP
 Lalor Joanne Ryan MP
 Macnamara Josh Burns MP
 Mallee Anne Webster MP
 Maribyrnong Bill Shorten MP
 McEwen Rob Mitchell MP
 Melbourne Adam Bandt MP
 Menzies Keith Wolahan MP
 Monash Russell Broadbent MP
 Nicholls Sam Birrell MP
 Scullin Andrew Giles MP
 Wannon Dan Tehan MP
 Wills Peter Khalil MP


Send a Hard Copy Letter

If you would rather send a letter by post:

  1. Find your electorate and look up your MP’s name and address
  2. Download this form letter and print it out
  3. Add the MP’s details at the top
  4. Ensure you add your name and address – without this, your support will be disregarded
  5. Post your letter to your Federal member

Thank you for supporting veterans in need.