News from our Residential Aged Care Services

Introduction of ‘BESTmed’ Medication System

As part of our continuous quality improvement program, we are introducing a new medication management system.

After careful consideration, we chose ‘BESTmed’ which is a complete Medication Management System for Residential Care Homes.
BESTmed offers many benefits for residents, doctors and staff, such as:

  • *  Automated Sachet Packaging (‘BESTsachet’)
  • *  Electronic Charting (‘BESTdoctor’)
  • *  Electronic Administration & Ordering (‘BESTdose’)
  • *  Simplicity and flexibility
  • *  Minimal manual handling of medication
  • *  Saves time for our nursing staff and our residents’ doctors
  • *  It is best practice and safe


The BESTmed System was developed following extensive consultation with key stakeholders including Aged Care Consultants, Registered Nurses, Care Staff and Pharmacy Staff: the designers reviewed many other medication systems and took into account feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The BESTmed system will be going live at Brighton and Brighton East this month with Frankston South and Bundoora next month.

There will be no change to medication costs for residents and their families, and we will continue to use Gunn & McConville as our pharmaceutical supplier.

This is an important step for us as we continue to strive to provide the best possible care and services for our residents.


Food Services Feedback

We now have a simple way for residents to provide feedback on our residential food services.

Our food services provider, Medirest, has implemented a ‘Qualtrics customer feedback system’ at all our residential aged care homes.

This system enables residents and family members fill in a survey or lodge a complaint. Medirest staff will be available in our dining rooms with an iPad to assist residents to provide feedback. Alternatively, residents and their family members can access the system on their smart phone or iPad using the QR code displayed.

All responses received are collated into reports which are sent every month to the Residential Manager and Quality team for their review.

If a complaint is received via the system, a ‘ticket’ is generated for action by Medirest. The team will then look into the complaint and provide a response to the person who complained and determine what actions are needed.

This is a very helpful step forward in improving our meal service to residents.

We welcome residents and family members to give feedback by scanning the QR code above – which you will also find in all residential dining rooms.


Reducing Waste in our Residential Services

As an organisation, we are conscious of our responsibility to manage our environmental impact and work towards a greater level of sustainability.

We have made progress towards our goals with installations of solar systems at our Bundoora and Frankston South homes as well as energy-reduction programs at all sites.

Waste management is an area we are now focusing on. Through our waste services provider, we installed organic waste bins at all four of our residential aged care homes late last year. Like the majority of local councils these days, they are emptied weekly.

The organic waste goes to several businesses in Victoria that use aerobic and anaerobic digestion methods to recycle the waste into new products, primarily compost and nutrient-rich fertiliser, although one partner is using the food waste to create electricity.

“We are all aware of the importance of ‘reducing, reusing, recycling’ and the more we can do, the better it is for everyone,” says General Manager – Residential Services, Corinne Lyon. “It’s early days yet, but we are already seeing a reduction in waste going to landfill.”

The added benefit of recycling food waste is a reduction in the amount, and therefore cost, of landfill waste.

“We are seeing a reduction both in the volume and weight of our general waste and we’re looking forward to receiving some stats on the financial benefits,” adds Corinne