Vasey RSL Care Bundoora resident Ken Tunley celebrates turning 100 with a flight in a bi-plane

Ken Takes to the Air for his Hero’s Wish

15 March 2018:

Ken with some of his children and grandchildren who came along to enjoy the excitement of the day

Hero’s Wish is literally off to a flying start, with Ken’s wish to fly in a biplane being fulfilled!

Ken, a resident at Vasey RSL Care Bundoora, was presented with a boarding pass for a very special flight to celebrate his 100th birthday in February!

The venue was Tiger Moth World at Torquay, and Pilot, Grant, told us that it is not often that the passenger is older than the plane.

“Ken drew the line at doing a loop-the-loop,” said Bundoora Lifestyle Coordinator, Linda. “Although afterwards, I think he almost wished he had.”

“It is a real pleasure to be in a position to grant Hero’s Wishes to those who have done so much for our country,” said CEO, Janna Voloshin.

Other Hero’s Wishes are planned for the next two months and if you can spare a few dollars, we would be grateful for all donations to help make sure no wish goes unfulfilled. 

This is your chance to show how you feel. Donate today to grant a Hero’s Wish. 

Ken looking very calm just prior to his flight

Ken with four of his five children basks in the afterglow of the biplane flight