Continuing the Mission

Continuing the Mission: Veteran Accommodation Research – What You Told Us

* 24 February 2022 *

During 2021, we reached out to the ex-service community in Victoria to find out about their current and future housing needs and preferences. The ‘Continuing the Mission’ research project sought to help us define best practice living solutions for the Victorian veteran community.

The research comprised the following components:

  • A desk-top review of the available information about veteran housing
  • An online survey forwarded to ESOs in Victoria 
  • One-on-one interviews with people offering expertise in the ex-service community, accommodation and homelessness
  • Online focus groups with participants from Melbourne and regional Victoria, focusing on accommodation needs for different groups within the veteran community
  • A co-design workshop to progress the ideas around the proposed ‘V Centre’ initiative to support veterans at risk of homelessness and/or facing other life issues

“We are grateful to all who offered their views and expertise through the survey, focus groups and interview,” says CEO, Janna Voloshin. “My thanks also go to those organisations, groups and ESOs who helped distribute the survey so widely across Victoria. The number of responses gives us a good level of confidence in the information gained and this will help us make informed decisions for the future.” 

A summary of key findings, recommendations and proposed service offerings is available below (click image to open PDF).

Continuing the Mission Veteran Accommodation Research Summary