ANZAC Day – a day of commemoration and appreciation – a message from our CEO

* 25 April 2024 *

A message from our CEO:

ANZAC Day is a day of solemn reflection and remembrance – a day when we stop to remember all those who put our country first, those who sacrificed their lives, and those who are serving the Australian Defence Force today, whether they are here in Australia or thousands of miles from home.

As I think about the service and sacrifice of these individuals, it seems to me that one of the most valued characteristics of our ADF members and veterans is that of camaraderie. This sense of camaraderie is forged in service, built during moments of adversity, and fostered through their shared experience. This ongoing mutual support comes through as something that is never forgotten: it stays with the veteran for life.

We see this quality throughout the ex-service community and we experience it in our own organisation: over the past twelve months, we have seen an exceptional spirit of collaboration, assistance, and support, which has been truly heartening.

This spirit has been particularly evident with the recent opening of The V Centre where many individuals and groups have been so willing to give their expertise, time, encouragement, support and skills – often in very practical ways. We have only had to ask, and help has been forthcoming.

As we commemorate ANZAC Day this year, I’d like to honour the sacrifices of the past and to celebrate the enduring spirit of camaraderie that continues to unite us. Let us draw inspiration from the example shown by our veterans and follow their example to continue to navigate the challenges ahead, with their support.

I’d like to thank you – everyone in our community – for your continuing commitment and camaraderie that is the hallmark of our proud ex-service community.

Today, we honour the legacy of our ANZACs and work to uphold the values they held dear.

Janna Voloshin,

Chief Executive Officer


Camaraderie around Vasey RSL Care