Vasey RSL Care wins three Better Practice Awards

ANZAC Hostel Scoops Prestigious Quality Awards

– 5 December 2013 –

Ground-breaking programs are connecting generations through the sharing of stories between residents of one local aged care facility and the surrounding community.

Brighton -based aged care facility, Vasey RSL Care ANZAC Hostel was awarded three competitive Better Practice Awards which acknowledge innovation and quality improvement in aged care nationally, by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency.

Awards tableReceiving the highest number of awards this year for a single facility in the categories of innovation and resident lifestyle, the awards are testament to ANZAC Hostel’s programs which bring residents and the community together.

“Our programs are developed with both our residents and community members in mind – each has so much to offer the other,” says Janna Voloshin, General Manager of Residential Services at Vasey RSL Care.

“With a focus on an inter-generational social connection our programs have allowed ANZAC Hostel residents to share stories and experiences of their time during war to local students through musical performances and story-telling sessions.”

The positive feedback received from residents and the excitement from students involved in the programs, shines light on often heavy topics.

Industry recognition is a wonderful privilege for Vasey RSL Care and particularly for those who work tirelessly as staff and volunteers at ANZAC Hostel, but the ultimate beneficiaries of the award winning programs are the Brighton community and ANZAC Hostel residents.

“Working towards these projects promotes a newfound sense of purpose, something so important to our residents,” she says.

The three awards were for:

The HELP Force Program: Winner in category of Innovation

ANZAC Hostel has established ‘The HELP Force’ where local Year 9 students from Star of the Sea College apply for a list of advertised positions matching their special interests and skill sets. These positions are then applied to a vast range of lifestyle activities that engages with the interests of residents.

The HELP Force enables ANZAC Hostel to offer a lifestyle program that is the pinnacle of person-centred care.

Inter-generational social connection enhances the quality of life of residents and creates a positive atmosphere among students.

‘Remembrance…the musical!’ and ‘The War and Peace Panel’: Winner in the category of Resident Lifestyle

ANZAC Hostel has developed two initiatives which promote feelings of purpose, achievement, and confidence and raise the self-esteem of residents.

The ANZACtors Performance Group wrote, produced and perform “Remembrance…The Musical” to a group of local students.

The script contains real life accounts of residents and evolves each year.

“The War and Peace Panel” provides residents with the opportunity to sit in front of a student audience and share their war experiences. Emotional support is provided throughout for residents who may experience war related distress.

The program provides an opportunity for the younger generation to hear first-hand accounts from those who experienced war.

Artists in Residence: Winner in category of Resident Lifestyle

The Artists in Residence program began as a two hour art class led each week by professionals and has since grown to include a monthly outing to galleries, involvement in the Art and Dementia program at the local gallery and a weekly art display in the ANZAC Hostel home.

Often the focus of aged care living is on ensuring physical wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing can be forgotten and feelings of self-worth easily compromised.

Through the Artists in Residence program, residents have embraced their newfound skills and say they feel better about themselves and have a sense of purpose.