CEO message for Remembrance Day 2023

A simple poppy. CEO Message for Remembrance Day 2023.

* 11 November 2023 *

A simple poppy


When I visited the UK last year as part of the Sage Study Tour, I was able to visit two not-for-profit organisations that support the British military veteran community: Veterans Aid’s New Belvedere House in London and the Erskine Veterans Charity in Scotland.

One of the things that struck me during these visits was just how much we have in common: the British and Australian veteran communities share the same passions and values, and it is clear that the issues they face are almost identical.

At Erskine, I noticed this beautiful poem written by a veteran in their community:


A simple poppy

The Poppy


I am not a badge of honour.

I am not a racist smear.

I am not a fashion statement,

   to be worn but once a year.

I am not glorification

   of conflict, or of war.

I am not a paper ornament

   a token. I am more.


I am a loving memory,

   of a father, or a son,

   of a mother, of a daughter,

   of each and every one.

I am paper or enamel,

I am old, or shining new.

I’m a way of saying thank you,

   to every one of you.


I am a simple poppy,

   a reminder to you all,

   that courage, faith and honour,

   will stand where heroes fall.




As we wear our poppies today and show our respect to all those who have served, and remember all who have lost their lives to maintain our freedom, silence will fall as the clock turns to 11am in each part of the world, one after the other.

Sadly, these are not peaceful times, and we owe it to past, present and future service men and women to ensure they feel our gratitude and support.


Lest We Forget


Janna Voloshin

Chief Executive Officer